Monday, May 24, 2010


Between May 20th, the day I was born, and June 12th, the day I was adopted, I was in "foster care." I don't know how many families I lived with during those three weeks, or who they were, or how they "parented" me, or why they would take a tiny newborn baby into their home(s) for a few weeks and then gave her away.

It is so weird to think about that three week period, and I'm really thinking about it right now. I hate it. What a stupid, stupid idea, to needlessly shuffle a newborn around from home to home, from caregiver to caregiver three--or more--times in her first three weeks of life.

the end of May and beginning of June is always hard for me. I feel so at sea.


Von said...

Unsurprising, hope you pull through it better each year.

JBH said...

Wow - I never thought about it before.

My "limbo" time is from Dec. 11 - Feb. 11 - two months. I have no idea if I was shuffled around. It simply states in my records, "in foster care."

I'm ALWAYS in a state of limbo at that time of year: New Year's resolutions, contemplating the meaning of my life, lots of self-evaluation and reflection.

Thanks for shedding light on this - and I'll be thinking of you during your "limbo" time.

Lola Canola said...

Do you think there's a way of dissolving that limbo? Probably not, huh? If you could see the house that you went to, hear from the people who looked after you, would it help at all? I know it's probably ridiculous... Who are those people and why do they do it? Does anyone know?

JoAnne said...

We haven't talked in such a long time via e-mail. Your post really touched my heart. I have no clue where the doctor who delivered me took me after I was discharged to him from hospital. It doesn't appear that his intentions were in the best interests of me as the newborn. I could truly identify with your feelings Andrea.

Andrea said...

Thanks, everyone, for your comments. Special love goes out to JBH and JoAnne, my sisters in not knowing.
xoxo to you all, my sweet bloggy friends!