Friday, May 14, 2010

Back from the Land of Superbob

It was like living in a little nest with my parents.

How to explain this?

They are currently living in a small apartment across the street from the Stanford Medical Center.

So living there with them for a week without my husband or my child or my job, and caring for my dad and helping out my mom felt sort of like being an infant again (I had my parents all to myself! Plus they let me sleep a lot.) and sort of like being a mother bird. I had nothing to do but to help my dad and my mom feel better.

It was very peaceful having few real world distractions and performing tangible tasks--so very unlike my usual life in which everything feels scattered and difficult to quantify.

By the end of the week, my dad was definitely doing better than he was when I arrived. He was walking a little faster, feeling less nauseous, and smiling a little more. It was a quantifiable improvement, even though he's still very sick.

And I felt sad to climb out of that little nest in which the most important thing--really the only thing--to do was to care for one another.

But I had to fly home.


Brian said...

Glad he's feeling better - best wishes to everyone!

Eileen Flanagan said...

I think the most important thing is probably always to care for one another, it's just hard to remember that when we can't find the permission slip, all the socks in the house are dirty, and the milk has gone sour. Thanks for the reminder.

LT said...

Welcome home, Andrea.
I feel the same way whenever I go home.

JBH said...

Welcome back! Will continue to hold your dad in the Light.


P.S. I changed my blog name to Adoption Fusion and url:

Lola Canola said...

back to the life of being a nest-creator....much harder work, but still lovely, no? except for the parts that eileen mentions...permission slips, sour milk...etc.
i'm sure a and o are thrilled to have you back, just like your mom and dad were thrilled to have you there....