Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Missing? Me?

Here's how I feel:

when I go to places like this:

My spring break is at a different time than my son's and my husband's, so I took off by myself and went to the desert.

It felt like a century since I had been outside (Stupid Philadelphia Winter. GRR.), so hiking for 4 days helped restore me mentally, even though it took some long plane rides, some long car trips, and a lot of dollars to do it.

I need the desert. It's my touchstone.

It's where I learned I wanted to search for my birth parents. It's a place where I can set my sights on a butte or canyon ten miles away, point my feet in that direction, and walk until I get there. Being in the desert made searching seem possible for me all those years ago. And it was possible.

And I keep returning and returning to the desert in search of other wisdoms.

Thanks for reading.

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Lola Canola said...

Wow, it's beautiful. I'm glad you got filled up in the desert. I've always thought of the desert as such a stark place--the beauties it holds are often subtle--like the different shades of rock and sand--kinda like the winter landscape up here in Alberta (or the summer landscape for that matter!) I always felt stunned by New Mexico when it rained and all the different colours of grasses along the roadside would just jump out at me--they usually went unnoticed. Hmmmm.....loving the desert--maybe it's the sense of alone-ness, personal strength, clear direction that it gives you?