Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Adoption in the News

What do you make of the news stories about adoption reunions that appeared on NPR around Mothers Day?

In one, which aired on May 8, two days before Mother's Day, the adopted daughter calls her birth mom a "Mentor" as well as a mother. Check it out and let me know what you think.

And In this NPR story, which aired on Mother's Day, an adopted son and his birth mother describe their reunion after 20 years of separation.

And finally, consider all the buzz about "Raising Katie: What adopting a white girl taught one black family about race in the Obama era." See My American Melting Pot for commentary.

I think something's afoot with regard to adoption in the media; are we approaching the critical mass of attention required to become a mainstream, highly publicized topic of discussion? What do you think?


JBH said...

Look forward to taking a break and listening to the NPR clips. I have another one to add that happened last summer (and my response was also aired later! My 15 sec.of fame!).

I definitely think we are reaching a critical mass of attention in the media. Hoepfully, this will break some of the culture of silence around adoption (particularly closed adoptions). I think this CAN be a good thing, don't you?

Andrea said...

I absolutely think it's a good thing. Silence and secrecy breed fear, shame, and anger. Bringing secrets out into the light of day dispells their power.
Do post your 15 sec. of fame!

Andrea said...

"I am all for breaking the silence, shame, etc., but I feel a little uneasy about the rosiness of the article. The less rosy side (i.e. birthmother doesn't want reunion, reunion goeos bad) was presented in the comments. It's a tough balance because I don't think the discussion will move forward if the focus is on the negative aspects, yet, not all reunions are positive. Maybe the number of positive reunions would increase because we somehow reached less shame, etc.

Personally, I loved the second article. The entire family has some challenges ahead, but I thought the insights to adoption and race issues were hopeful? Not sure of the word I'm looking for. OK I'll stop now.

PS. I couldn't post on your blog, but after all my commenting I was determined to post somewhere, dammit :)" (this was posted by a friend of mine on my facebook page; I wanted to share it with you here.

Nicole Breitman said...

I too was a little 'uneasy' about the good light the piece portrayed reunion in. It just seemed a little too positive...I didn't trust how wonderful everything sounded. Like, I was wondering, where's the pain? It must be in there somewhere. Wow, how cynical I am!
But nonetheless I was glad it exists and it aired.