Monday, November 24, 2008

Amateur Survey

I'm doing an informal survey based on a very amateur hypothesis I have: Based upon my own health status and that of many other adoptees I know, I think that adopted people may be more susceptible to chronic illness than the average person. Anyone have any experience with this? Comments? Competing theories?
I look forward to your input.


villalena said...

hi dear. i wonder if adoptees are more susceptible to depression? if so, that might be an explanation for your observation. i mean, people with chronic illness often get depressed but i also think it works the other way around too-- depression causes illness. so if someone is depressed, they might be more likely to develop physical symptoms too.

happy thanksgiving. hope to see you soon!

Andrea said...

Yes, Alena, adoptees are indeed more prone to depression and all kinds of other mental illness. It's been proven. And yes, perhaps the link between depression and chronic illness is the answer to my question about adoptees and chronic illness. I hadn't thought of that before. thanks.